Brighter Lives

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Let’s make a positive difference to mental health

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on people’s mental health. What was a huge problem across our communities is now a crisis, and support services are stretched like never before. ‘Brighter Lives’ is our new thematic grants programme. It’s focused on helping Christian organisations to respond to the long-term impact throughout society of Covid-19 on people’s mental health – whatever their faith, or none.
Running throughout 2022, this programme will help enable churches and Christian charities across the UK and Ireland to provide increased mental health support for people and communities most in need.

How we’re responding to the mental health crisis

The Brighter Lives programme covers three main project areas:
Supporting existing or emerging specialist services provided by churches and Christian charities for people struggling with mental health issues. Focus is on the most vulnerable who may struggle to access support elsewhere. For example, counselling or similar therapeutic services, which could be delivered in-person, online or by phone. 
  • Enabling Christian organisations to train, equip and resource other churches and Christian charities to provide:
    • Enhanced mental health awareness and /or mental health first aid
    • Appropriate mental health and wellbeing support groups and services
    • Services provided should demonstrate reach/impact across a local area, regionally or nationally
  • Programmes to support the personal mental health and wellbeing of clergy and other church leaders/workers who may be suffering, particularly post-pandemic. 
Before submitting an application, why not head to the Brighter Lives section of our Advice and Resources Hub for more information and resources from experts within the mental health sector.
To apply for a grant under Brighter Lives, you will need to complete this online application form. You will also need to upload a budget using this template as part of the application process. Please read these FAQ's before applying for further details on the areas of work being supported and to check your eligibility, and for further information about all aspects of the programme.
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