Further £150,000 Crisis Response Grant to British Red Cross

Dr Iryna and nurse Ulyna visit the home of Olha and Ihor in Cherepyn village, Lviv region

Further £150,000 Crisis Response Grant to British Red Cross

Published: 11 October 2023
The latest grant to British Red Cross means Benefact Trust has now exceeded its £1M pledge to support Ukraine by £340,000.
An additional grant has been awarded to the British Red Cross, 18-months after an initial £150,000 grant towards their Ukraine Crisis Appeal that delivers urgent, life-saving aid. The further Crisis Response Grant brings the total for British Red Cross to £300,000 and means that Benefact Trust has now awarded £1,340,000 in total to organisations supporting people suffering from the devastating conflict in Ukraine.
As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine rages on, millions of Ukrainian people are still in desperate need of support. With Ukrainians forced to flee their homes during the conflict, and thousands of civilian injuries and fatalities, this further funding will enable the British Red Cross to continue delivering vital emergency aid and support to those impacted. 
With support such as the Crisis Response Grants, over the past 18-months the British Red Cross and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement have been able to:  
• Alleviate the suffering of more than 16.9 million people impacted by this conflict by providing clean water, warm blankets, generators, medical treatment, maternity care, mental health support, financial assistance, food, and shelter. Thousands of people have been evacuated, and the Movement has helped thousands to locate or reconnect with loved ones.  
• Distribute £179 million in emergency financial assistance.
• Reach over 10.6 million people with improved access to clean water.
• Provide over 1.8 million people with shelter support.
• Support over 800,000 people on the move at humanitarian service points and help with transport and evacuation.
In the UK, the British Red Cross has:
• Helped over 64,000 people who have arrived in the UK from Ukraine. 
• Distributed £2.9 million in emergency financial assistance.
• Provided over 20,000 SIM cards, helping people to stay in touch with their loved ones.
• Answered over 77,000 calls on their dedicated phone line and supported at many train stations and airports as people arrived in the first months of the crisis.
Whilst 18-months have passed since the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, the fighting is ongoing and the people impacted will require support for generations to come, both physically and emotionally; which is why the work of the British Red Cross is so vital. 
This grant is the latest contribution in our pledge to support Ukraine. Initially, the Trust pledged £1M to the cause, which was distributed among 12 organisations by December 2022. Beneficiaries included Church Urban Fund, Sanctuary Foundation, Love Your Neighbour, Baby Basics, The Irish Red Cross, and the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. All these charities and organisations have provided vital support to families and individuals impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. We have now exceeded our initial £1M pledge, by awarding £1,340,000 to organisations supporting the Ukrainian people through the crisis. 
Helen Gray, Benefact Trust Director, said: “The people of Ukraine still desperately need help and the work of the British Red Cross is providing vital aid to those affected by the conflict. We know that our latest grant for the charity of £150,000 will provide much needed funds for the cause and are proud to have surpassed our original £1M pledge to help Ukraine via various organisations. The repercussions of this conflict will be felt for generations to come. We are proud to support the Red Cross and other charities providing vital frontline support, and working behind the scenes, to make the lives of those impacted a little brighter.” 

Jeremy Smith, Acting Country Manager for Ukraine at the British Red Cross, also commented: “Support from Benefact Trust will be helping people in Ukraine in need – this winter and beyond – not only with lifesaving assistance, but also direct support for people who can start rebuilding their lives to do so with dignity. The British Red Cross has been working hard to support local Red Cross staff and volunteers working in affected communities across Ukraine and we plan to do so for as long as is needed. As we approach another winter, we know we will be here for the long-term and so we are very grateful for the support from the Benefact Trust to help us achieve our humanitarian mission.”

*Header image: Dr Iryna and nurse Ulyna visit the home of Olha and Ihor in Cherepyn village, Lviv region. Credits: Alina Smutko/British Red Cross

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